Porcelain history

In the 19th century, mount Luisenburg was still an area of limestone
and granite mining. Wunsiedel’s connection to the rail system and
the place’s development for walkers brought along the first sightseers from the Hof region and from Saxony.

Bernhard Retsch, therefore, withdrew from further operation at his
granite mine at mount Luisenburg and, in January 1885, founded together with Gustav Heinrich Müller and Christoph Seifert the Mineral Mill & Lime Works Retsch & Co, which as a stone mill for lime, quartz sand and feldspar became supplier for the porcelain industry. An own porcelain factory was founded in 1891 and a porcelain painting shop added later-on.

Retsch Porcelain GmbH produced in Wunsiedel porcelain for daily
use until 2005. Wunsiedel’s 100-year-old-tradition was continued in
1999 by Lorke Porcelain. Before its relocation to Röslau, this manufactory produced high-quality porcelain pieces in the building of former Porcelain Factory Retsch.


A medieval hospital yard is home of the treasure chamber of the
legendary Fichtelgebirge mountains. Bavaria’s biggest regional museum focuses on presentations of life and culture of the inhabitants from this versatile stretch of land. This includes preservation of the skills of old handicraft trades. Blacksmith, pewter, stonemason and potter masters invite for demonstrations at active workshops.

Places to visit

Get in close contact with nature while you stay in Wunsiedel. At
Katharinenberg, Bavaria’s oldest Bürgerpark, you can expect historic
gardens, a game preserve, learning site nature-culture Fichtelgebirge
as well as a park for birds of prey with falconry.
Rocky Luisenburg labyrinth is terrific and mystical. Discover on a circular trail 300 years old granite formations, with huge boulders,
bordered by caves and gorges. Below this great natural area, you will
find a unique open-air stage which every year becomes platform for
the Luisenburg Festival.

  • Fountain Festival on weekend before midsummer-day (24th of June)
  • Ice pond – boat- & pedal boat rental | Ice skating & curling
  • Forest swimming bath tour | 13.33 km | Info: www.wunsiedel.de
  • Toboggan run from rock Puttner to Luisenburg