Porcelain history

In 1914, Porcelain Factory Josef Rieber & Co AG from Mitterteich
acquired a property near the train station to establish a subsidiary in
Thiersheim, however, this could only be realized in 1920, after World
War I. All departments necessary for porcelain production, from turning to glazing shop, were located in a four-storey building. Rieber & Co ceased operation in 1955 because of financial difficulties.

At Manufactory Willi Goßler, founded in 1927, four porcelain painters
decorated white ware, purchased from surrounding places and from
Czechoslovakia, until the beginning of World War II. Willi Goßler’s
adorned porcelain pieces and his ware for daily use were marked

The Porcelain Route leads along the premises of König
Porcelain, where the business run by Gerd König and Renate Schörner has been producing and decorating porcelain since 1969. Besides vases, gift and Christmas articles, the assortment includes products for the hotel and sanitary sectors. The company has a branch in Sokolov, where the ware from Thiersheim is decorated by hand or screen printing.

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