HOME, FARMS & History

The borderland homeland-rooms of district Marienbad, located in the Old Postal Station at Marktplatz, show home property, saved from expulsion, like kitchen and household ware, but also porcelain witnessing its once was rich industry. Souvenirs, chronicles and documents recall the past.

Kesslsimerhof is a farm built in the typical Egerland style, surrounded by buildings along all four sides. The half-timbered building, which is characteristic for this region, is home for a farm museum with a variety of tools regarding working like in the past.

After last owner Anna Schöner had bequeathed her Sengerhof, together with its contents, to the community of Neualbenreuth, it is now used as a centre for culture and information named Fraisch. Come to discover the history of the Stiftland.


Thanks to the local healing waters at Sibyllenbad, you will enjoy the pleasant and unique combination of radon and carbonic acid. Let your spirit flow when getting there. Offers include medical applications, a swimming complex with healing waters, a wellness area with eight saunas and an oriental bath temple.

  • Panoramic view to Egerland & Stiftland from borderland tower (655 m)
    Golf course with 18 holes at the resort’s garden | Felt workshop Schaulade with course offer
    Motor home harbour Sibyllenbad
    Curling track below Ernestgrün, behind Rothmühle (Nov. – March)