Porcelain history

In 1921, Arthur Hagen, Albin Klöber and Ludwig Zuber founded Porcelain Factory Naila Hagen & Co, which produced electrical and technical porcelain parts like motor and lustre terminals. After several changes of ownership, the company in 1981 went to Hutschenreuther AG in Selb and operated under the brand Hutschenreuther – Technical Ceramics Works Hof, Naila Department. In 1984, this technical production was completely transferred to Hof and the plant was closed down seven years later.

Places to visit

From Naila start an excursion into wild and romantic Höllental valley
where devil’s steep and dragon rock, the mine show of the Friedrich
Wilhelm shaft and a hydroelectric power station with a 36 meters
high plume of water are waiting for you.

  • Wedding fountain Margarete Wiggen at market place
  • Lama-Trekking with MITIMINO-Lamas
  • Naalicher Rupperich Market end of November | Ski slope & snowboarding at t-bar Döbrastöcken