Porcelain history

Less than 10 km from Kronach you will find the community of Küps
within the scenic landscape of the Rodach valley. Starting from a
privilege granted in 1829, the town’s porcelain history was created by
numerous manufactories. Precious clay, complete in shape and decoration, the specialized press wrote enthusiastically at the beginning of the 20th century about the innovative porcelain art from Küps. The porcelain makers there used wafer-thin porcelain which due to its low weight was very well suited for export.

Inventive talent was demonstrated by the people from Küps as they
developed the so-called cuprolit. This is a terracotta mass with a
copper oxide layer used among other things for the production of
paintings and funerary angels.
Since the 1950s the workshops Gisela Keilhauer and Karl-Heinz Klette
acquired international reputation with their delicate tulle figurines
(Küpser Tüllporzellan).

Their back stamp still reflect the manufactories’ former variety.
Examples are the companies Albert Rosenlöcher, Wenck & Zitzmann,
Upper Franconian Porcelain Factory Ohnemüller & Ulrich, Porcelain
Factory Julius Edelstein AG as well as Wilhelm Rittirsch.
The place’s long porcelain tradition is carried on by Lindner Porzellan,
since 1932, and Porcelain Factory Stumpf, specialized on associations’


Nostalgic people will be enthusiastic about the variety of castles in
the area of Küps. Within the eight castles you can find among others
a hunting lodge, a moated castle, and a palace. Because all of them
are private property, sight-seeing is only possible from the outside.

The Lindner Porzellan Factory Sales invites to decorate your home
with precious porcelain. It offers hand painted dinnerware, porcelain
for daily use, decorative porcelain in the style of Meißen, as well as
porcelain glazed with lustre.

  • Palace dreams: New Palace, Upper Palace, Old Palace, Hain Palace, Palace Old Bower (district Nagel), Oberlangenstadt Palace, Schmölz Palace, Theisenort Palace, Water Castle Tüschnitz
  • Aged tree giant – Enjoy the 1000 year old oak in district Nagel
  • Küpser Lindenweg (circular trail, about 8.5 km, wooden signs marked blue/white): Unterküps Possenberg – Küpser Linde – along Main- Donau trail – Kalte Eisen – Reppel – Oberküps – Unterküps
  • Christmas Market 2nd Sun. in December