Warm mineral springs which, according to legend, Charles IV discovered while stag hunting, allegedly encouraged the Bohemian king to found the city named after him. This city rose to the position of the nobility’s meeting point, particularly, after Tsar Peter the Great had visited the place in 1712. There, the high society enjoyed a combination of healing waters, spa treatment and promenade, developed by Dr David Becher. Also Goethe, Bach, Chopin and Gogol joined this health resort. Gradually the famous colonnades, spa installations, sacred buildings and cultural sites came into being, which made Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary) a pearl within the Bohemian spa triangle.

Move closer to the nostalgic magic. Equipped with a porcelain cup for healing water (available all over the town) you can taste the refreshing waters from 13 springs and become familiar with the town. Visit the colonnades, from the most modern one offering 72°C hot sparkling water, to the park, mill and finally market colonnade, which looks like white lace. You will see St. Mary Magdalene Church by K. I. Dientzenhofer, stroll along Promenade Street which leads to Grandhotel Pupp and cross Dvořák Park.


The town’s Municipal Museum was founded in 1865 and, since then, developed to a modern centre of documentation of Karlsbad spa treatment and regional monuments. It keeps memories of the old Karlsbad handicrafts, with its collection of cups for healing waters and sparkling stones ranking among the oldest inventory.

  • Guided tours through the sparkling water’s underworld
  • Observation tower Diana with excursion restoration & mini zoo | Leisure area Rolava with natural bathSpa forests – 180 km of promenades invite for walking & biking
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