Porcelain history

In the southern area of Moschendorf, which was then an independent
municipality, Hermann Kühnert purchased by auction the paper mill
of margraviate Ansbach/Bayreuth and in 1878 together with Magnus
Tischer established a porcelain factory. Following sales problems,
Otto Reinicke (descendant of a porcelain owner family from Eisenberg) who in 1909 was appointed as director, managed to overcome the company’s downward trend.

Underglaze painting was a speciality at Moschendorf AG and porcelain with such strawflower and onion patterns was produced until the factory closed down in 1957.


The museum is located in a hospital yard from the 13th century
and focuses on Hof’s civic and artistic history. Besides exhibits from
handicraft, techniques and nature, the museum also shows products
from Porcelain Factory Moschendorf. The house’s profile is completed
by a department presenting the history of the refugees and
displaced persons in Hof.

More places to visit

Enjoy nature in one of the oldest and most beautiful public parks
in Germany called Theresienstein. Besides a commercial building in
Jugendstil and the sun temple, the spacious park includes a botanic
and a zoological garden.

  • Close to the stars at Hof observatory
  • Recreation area lake Untreusee with climbing park & adventure playground
  • Biking around the city of Hof | 34 km | 3 – 4 hours | Start: motorhome parking in the area of Hofeck
  • Hof Christmas World in the old town during Advent season