The art of making pottery and forming reliefs flourished in Creußen during the 17th and the 18th century and the place soon became known throughout the world for its technically and artistically high-quality jugs. Creußen Stoneware* is mentioned in specialist literature because of its brown surface colour.

Stove-builder Philipp Seyffarth continued the place’s long ceramic tradition, when in 1878 he founded a business which today is called Seyffarth Keramik GmbH. While the founder’s son stopped stove-building and mainly produced stove-tiles, the founder’s grandson re-established the production of the Creußen jugs. Today, the company’s fourth generation produces tile models and series with glazes poured by hand.

*Stoneware describes ceramic mass with a clay which is fired to full density resp. glassed or sintered.


Inside the medieval town centre, directly situated at the city wall in former executioner’s house and northern town gate, you will find the Jugs Museum showing precious apostle, planet, hunting and elector’s jugs as well as writing utensils from Creußen clay. Enjoy the world of pottery, earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

Archaeological finds which came to light in 1999 and 2000 during archaeological excavations, are exhibited in former gate watchman’s room at the town’s rear gate.

International POTTERY market
The market reminds the local tradition of the ceramics’ handicraft, it takes place every year on the second Sunday in July.

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