Porcelain history

Over decades, porcelain production in Coburg was characterized by
figurative representations. Porcelain Factory Albert Riemann GmbH,
which existed from 1860 to 1937, made luxury porcelain, including
so-called chair and nodding figurines and flexible saints.
Porcelain Factory Cortendorf, founded in 1890 by Julius Griesbach,
mainly produced animal depictions. After acquisition by Goebel (today in Rödental) in 1973, numerous animal models created by Cortendorf like the kingfisher, were integrated in Goebel’s product line.

Porcelain Factory Alboth & Kaiser was also founded as a small business for porcelain refinement, starting in 1872 in Coburg and relocated to Kronach in 1899.

Another porcelain production was established in Coburg around 1870 by fabricants Kuhnle and Hoffmann. Among the small firms were E. Speiser, a porcelain and earthenware factory founded in 1898, and Ferdinand Kaule’s porcelain painter shop (1885-1900).
The city’s ceramic tradition is continued by DENK’s ceramic workshop.
Founded in 1964, this company produces ceramic products for house
and garden, like fire bowls and nesting houses for birds.

Doll museum

Dolls from grandma’s and great-grandma’s childhood from Käthe
Kruse to Schildkröt, doll houses, kitchens and shops as well as porcelain and furniture completing the dolls’ world and, of course, the stories behind it are presented at the Doll Museum. The doll doctor’s consultation-hour takes place on the second Sunday of the month.


With its powerful walls and towers, the Franconian Crown ranks
among Germany’s biggest castle buildings. It is home of works by Cranach, Dürer and Grünewald and the former ducal art collections.
Be sure to also visit the historic rooms equipped with porcelain.
Other pieces of splendour are the two oldest carriages of the world
and baroque slides. GeckoBahn takes you quite comfortably from
Herrngasse to the Veste.

  • Wedding forest (Schellingstraße, Neuses) | Info: www.coburg.de
  • Toy Museum in Neustadt near Coburg
  • Regional craftsmen tour | Info: www.coburg-tourist.de
  • Christmas Market with articles from local production in Neustadt, Santa Clause’s workshop (note date)