The Bohemian porcelain industry was concentrated along the river Eger, from Elbogen (Loket) to Klösterle (Klášterec nad Ohří) in the Karlsbad region, where the raw materials kaolin, feldspar and quartz as well as wood and coal, which were then necessary for this production, were abundant. Bohemia’s first porcelain factories were not founded by earls, but established by civil initiatives where porcelain traders and manufacturers from Thuringia, Saxony and Bavaria made suggestions or were involved. Therefore, Bohemian porcelain is related to German porcelain in a special w


The museum in Cheb, one of the oldest and biggest in the Karlsbad region, is located at Market Square in the Gothic house of a bourgeois family (Pachelbelhaus) where Wallenstein was murdered in 1632. The museum accordingly focuses on the local history and also on this Bohemian commander and the Thirty Years’ War. Thousands of exhibits bring the region’s culture and history close to you.

Follow the town’s historic traces on your way to Eger Castle (Chebský hrad) above the river Eger. The Staufer emperors’ former palatinate is partly preserved and hosts an archeological collection. The Black Tower in which prisoners were once held, is impressive.

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    Half-timbered farm in Milíkov

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