Porcelain history

In 1802, Joseph Felix Silbermann from Kulmbach bought Banz
Monastery’s former mill in Hausen and started to produce porcelain.
With the help of his sons he increased his business until in 1938 it
was taken over, due to economic problems, by Alboth & Kaiser, a
company founded in 1872. This porcelain producer from Kronach
started a new factory in Bad Staffelstein in 1953, and gave up the
Hausen branch. In 1970, the company for publicity reasons was renamed Kaiser Porcelain. After the family business had already changed the owner in 2000, Porzellan Design Bad Staffelstein GmbH & Co KG took over the company’s operational activity in 2003. Stockholder is PM Kapital who also owns Goebel Porzellan GmbH in Rödental.

Places to visit

Bad Staffelstein is situated in a region called Gottesgarten am Obermain between Basilika Vierzehnheiligen, Monastery and Palace Banz and Staffelberg hill. While the historic Silbermann porcelain can be seen at the municipal museum, Kaiser offers at its factory sales porcelain ware at more favourable prices.

  • Relaxed hours for two at Obermain Thermal Bath
  • Forest climbing park above Banz Monastery
  • Nicolas bazaar at the Market Place