What would a visit to the Porcelain Route be without a souvenir?

Along the Porcelain Route great brands and the finesse of smaller manufactories await you. In factory outlet stores and at assorted specialist dealers you can find an extensive range of products from everyday dinnerware to handpainted unicums, from a cup to a design icon. No wishes will remain unanswered: inexpensive pieces for the bargain hunters, rarities for the collector and classy luxurious designs for the sophisticated taste.

Go on a discovery tour and let yourself be seduced by the white gold in all its variations...

Arzberg Outlet


hotel and home ware, "Küchenfreunde", gift articles, table linen, cuttlery

Outlet-Shop in Arzberg
Jakobsburg 2
95659 Arzberg
Tel. 09233/7193921

opening hours
Mon-Fri  10 - 18 Uhr
Sat        10 - 13 h

Outlet-Shop in Selb
Vielitzer Str. 8
95100 Selb
Tel. 09287/6704911

opening hours
Mon-Fri   10 - 18 h
Sat         10 - 15 h

Rosenthal Outlet Center
Philip-Rosenthal-Platz 1
95100 Selb
Tel. 09287/72490

opening hours
Mon-Sat    10-18 h

Outlet-Shop in Bodenmais
Bahnhofstraße 72
94249 Bodenmais
Tel. 09924/8009911


opening hours
Mon-Fri    10 - 18 h
Sat          10 - 16 h

Barbara Flügel Porzellan


Selections where each article represents a timeless unicum; gift articles

Flügel Porzellan im Factory In
Vielitzer Str. 26
95100 Selb
Tel. 09287/800932


Opening hours
Mon-Fri   10-18 h
Sat            10-14 h

BHS tabletop AG


hotel ware, contemporary trends in table culture, e. e. glass, cutlery, table linen and accessoires

Outlet-Shop Selb at Factory In
Vielitzer Str. 26
95100 Selb
Tel. 09287/9652167


openin ghours
Mon-Sat  9.30-18 h

Outlet-Shop in Schönwald
Rehauer Str. 44-54
95173 Schönwald
Tel. 09287/562345


opeing hours
Mon-Fri   9-18 h
Sat          9-13 h

Outlet-Shop in Weiden
92637 Weiden i. d. OPf.
Tel. 0961/82-3800


opening hours
Mon-Fri   9.30-18 h
Sat          9.30-14 h

Bohemia Cristal Handelsgesellschaft mbH


Glass, gift articles, heat resitant cookware

Bohemia Shop
Christian-Höfer-Ring 54
95100 Selb
Tel. 09287/8623


opening hours
Mo-Fr   9.30-18 h
Sa          9.00-13 h

Designmanufaktur Voigt

handmade porcelain objects, seasonal articles, jewellery, production of induvidual items

Shop in Selb
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 2
95100 Selb
Tel. 09287/2711
Mobil 0175/3554824

Dibbern GmbH


Solid Color & Fine Bone China, cutlery, glass, table linen, gifts and accessoires

Freundschaft 1
95691 Hohenberg a. d. Eger
Tel. 09233/4070

opening hours
Mon-Fri   10-18 h
Sat          10-15 h

G. Benedikt Karlovy Vary Ltd.


Porzellan, Glas und Kristall

Outlet-Shop Loket
T. G. Masaryka 103
35733 Loket

opening hours
Mon-i9-16 h

Goebel Porzellan GmbH


Schenken, Sammeln, Dekorieren, Objekte aus Porzellan, Glas oder verwandten Werkstoffen

Goebel Porzellan Outlet-Shop GmbH
Auwaldstr. 8
96231 Bad Staffelstein
Tel. 09563/92 680

opeing hours
Mon-Fri   9-18 h
Sat         9-16 h

HÖSCH –Porzellandesign

individual designs and small sets with private inscriptions, chinderens sets

Martinlamitzer Str. 54
95126 Schwarzenbach a. d. Saale
Tel. 09284/4612



Mo-Fr   9-14 Uhr und
nach Vereinbarung

Lindner Porzellan

big choice of table ware, clocks, mirrors, decorative articles made of porcelain

Bamberger Str. 9
96328 Küps
Tel. 09264/595




opening hours
Mon-Thu 9-12 h/13-16 h
Fri          9-12 h

Rudolf Kämpf Porcelain


handmade porcelain under the brand Rudolf Kämpf, porcelain for daily use under the brand Leander,
hotel porcelain under the brand Leander HoReCa

U Porcelánky 143
35734 Nové Sedlo (OT Loučky)

Porcelain Art Marlene Kretzschmar


vases, jewellery, figurines

Shop im Factory In
Vielitzer Str. 26
95100 Selb
Tel. 09287/998899



opening hours
Mon-Fri   10-18 h
Sat           10-16 h

Rosenthal GmbH

Rosenthal, Hutschenreuther, Thomas, Arzberg

dinner sets, gifts, vases, glass, seasonal article, cutlrey, kitchen utnesils

Rosenthal Outlet Center
Philip-Rosenthal-Platz 1
95100 Selb
Tel. 09287/72490

opening hours
Mon-Sat  10-18 h

Rosenthal Museumsshop at Porzellanikon Selb
Werner-Schürer-Platz 1
95100 Selb
Tel. 09287/918000

opening hours
Tue-Son     10-17 h

Danziger Str.
95469 Speichersdorf
Tel. 09275/60276




opening hours
Mon-Fri   9.30-18 h
Sat          9.30-15 h

Villeroy & Boch


Household porcelain, glassware, cutlery, table- and living accessories

Shop - Factory In
Vielitzer Str. 26
95100 Selb
Tel. 09287/998078

Opening hours
Mon-Sat  9.30-18 h