Carola I. - Porcelain Queen 2009

My name is Carola Arlt, I live in the former porcelain town Arzberg and I will be 20 years old during my regency year. Since my time in kindergarten I have been dreaming of becoming a porcelain queen. When the factories were closed in Arzberg, I buried this dream until I read the appeal of the association Porzellanstraße e.V. in the newspaper. Would you like to become a porcelain queen? Then apply!

I did not have to consider for long, and after a very nice interview with the persons responsible at the association I was elected to be the porcelain queen in 2009.

“I am tremendously looking forward to my regency year. I am proud to represent the association Porzellanstrasse e.V. near and far to help make our region better known."


Königinnentreffen in PassauImpressionen
Besuch im Porzellanmuseum in MitterteichImpressionen
Porzellinerflohmarkt in SelbImpressionen
Weihnachtsfeier im SpeichersdorfImpressionen
Wiesenfest in RehauImpressionen
Besuch zur OberfrankenausstellungImpressionen
Mitgliederversammlung Freunde der Porzellanstraße e.V.Impressionen
Soldatenkameradschaft in SpeichersdorfImpressionen
Umzug in KirchenlamitzImpressionen
Siedlerfest in ArzbergImpressionen
Wiesenfest in Hohenberg an der EgerImpressionen
Königinnentreffen in NeuenmarktImpressionen
ITB BerlinImpressionen
Gauschützentag in KöditzImpressionen
Sportlerball in WunsiedelImpressionen
Wiesenfest in SelbImpressionen
Garten und Freizeitmesse in NürnbergImpressionen
Dorfmarkt in SchirndingImpressionen
Bürgerfest in SelbImpressionen
Besuch der Sparkasse in SelbImpressionen
Schützenfest in ArzbergImpressionen
10 Jahre Bridgetclub in Bad AlexandersbadImpressionen
Ambiente in FrankfurtImpressionen
Auenpark in MarktredwitzImpressionen
Ausstellungseröffnung im Porzellanikon in Hohenberg an der EgerImpressionen
Besuch Flügel PorzellanImpressionen
Porzellinerflohmarkt in SelbImpressionen
RDA in KölnImpressionen