The friends' association "Freunde der Porzellanstraße e.V." introduces itself:

The love for porcelain is uniting us

The friends' association "Freunde der Porzellanstraße e.V." exists since 18.11.2003.
Since then it supplies non-material and if needed material help of tax-advantaged purposes in the area of preservation and support of institutions dedicating themselves to the promotion, maintaining and researching of porcelain as a cultural heritage.
It supports the mediation of information to members and the public and the manifold possibilities of presenting porcelain as an important cultural asset. Thereby it closely cooperates with the association
Porzellanstraße e. V.

Board of members
1st Chairman: Jürgen Judas
2nd Chairman: Dr. Peter Seißer
Treasurer:  Hans Hanft
Secretary:  Doris Oldham
Advisors: Wilhelm Siemen, Franz Dietsch, Günther Bruer
Consultant: Heinrich Veit

Contact info
Förderverein "Freunde der Porzellanstraße e.V."
Porzellanikon Selb
Werner-Schürer-Platz 1
95100 Selb

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