Travel on the traces of the porcelain industry in Bavaria and the Czech Republic

We value porcelain as a regional speciality and classy product standing for tradition and innovation. It is just as important for us to maintain this cultural heritage and communicate it to future generations as to awaken the pleasure in others to discover this unique material. The Porcelain Route leads along exisiting and former sites of the porcelain industry in Northern Bavaria and Western Bohemia, joins together cross-bordering towns and communities, attractive holiday regions and not least people travelling on the traces of the white gold.


In March of 1996 the association Porzellanstraße e. V. was founded setting itself the task to direct the attention of the local population as well as domestic and foreign tourists to the product porcelain in all its variations as well as to the attractive landcape where its production sites are situated.


The members of the association Porzellanstraße e.V. are companies producing, refining or selling porcelain, enterprises of gastronomy or accomodation businesses, towns and communities, tourist and economic organisations as well as companies and individuals connected to the purposes of the association.

Board of members

1st Chairman: André Zaus
1st Deputy: Stefan Grillmeier
2nd Deputy: OB Ulrich Pötzsch Head mayor Selb
Treasurer: Kornelia Ponader
Secretary: Christoph René Holler
Advisor: Annette Beaa
Franz Stahl
Marek Poledníček
Wolfgang Schilling